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OPSTK SIZE 38 - #3192 13.5oz Japanese Indigo WABASH White Selvage Waistcoat TYPE D

OPSTK SIZE 38 - #3192 13.5oz Japanese Indigo WABASH White Selvage Waistcoat TYPE D

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13.5oz JPN


Size 38


This is a beautiful Japanese Indigo stripe that is reminiscences of a true Wabash, but better.

Wabash looks like quite a formal fabric, but in fact it was commonly used for work wear from the early 1800s through to the early 1900s, very often as uniforms for the massive US railroads work force. Finding out a lot about Wabash is very difficult, but we believe there were 2 ways in which the dots were originally “applied” to the base fabric: 1) the pattern would be applied as a block print to the undyed fabric with a starch based “resist” and then dyed, the dye not adhering to the resistant pattern; and 2) the fabric was dyed and then the pattern bleached into the fabric - this was done by applying a mildly acidic solution to the cloth via copper rollers with the pattern raised from the surface of the roller, a process known as discharge printing. Perhaps the most famous of the American Wabash dying and printing companies was J.L. Stifel & sons set up in West Virginia in 1835. T hey called their product "Indigo Wabash Stripe" and it was often characterized by an impressive assortment of dots, triangles and diamonds. A few examples of these can be found in "King of Vintage vol 3" by Rin Tanaka. Our latest Wabash fabric, is created utilizing the jaquard weave technique. This fabric is not discharge printed as an original Wabash would be. Because we use a jaquard technique for the ticker stripe, the stripe created will not fade and will age with great character.

The images to the left are an example of the 13.5oz Japanese Wabash Indigo Selvage fabric IN A VERY POPULAR VEST STYLE !. The back of the vest we use a Cotton Navy 12oz Duck Canavs to add a little touch of fabric variation. And it is fully lined in Japanese 6oz denim.

When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need (measure an existing pair like this, do not simply go by tag size) and
compare with detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "FIT GUIDE" link 

If you need more pictures , let us know and we will be glad to send them. Just let us know what kind?

detailed measurements for this model:

 Label Size: 38
Actual Chest Size:
Shoulder: 14,5
CB Length: 23


TYPE D Waistcoat
13.5oz Japanese Indigo/Indigo WABASH White Selvage
Custom: NO
Thread Color: Navy
Buttons: Copper
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