The Real Story. CFDCo.

So we are asked alot,


Well, first we are a small shop in Texas. We make jeans like they did back in the 1800's with vintage techniques. We cut "ONE" jean at a time and use vintage tailor methods to make each pair. 

For start, we use Tailor chalk to transfer our "old beat up" paper pattern on to the roll of selvage denim fabric "for each pair." We cut each pair out with our vintage scissors.



And after we cut each pair out, we process the order for sewing.

We have searched all over the USA to get the right vintage sewing machines into our shop to make your jeans. We "ONLY" use vintage Singers and Union Special sewing machines.

These machines are a great compliment to the vintage techniques we use to make our denim....and we are still looking for more!!!

it takes around 12-15 vintage machines to make one pair of jeans, compare that to only 5-6 machines on a modern production line.


Vintage Technique. How Jeans should be made!.

Yes that is right!. We use vintage techniques to make our denim.

Since we have the vintage machines we did not just stop there.

We hand cut each jean one at a time. We "HAND" set all the rivets and "HAND" sew all the labels and tailor the jeans just for you by "HAND" one at a time..

Our vintage machines do not have a back stitch function like the modern ones so we have to tie off each tread after it ends or use vintage back stitch techniques.

That is some of the reasons why it takes a little longer for our jeans to get made.



The Final Product. No two jeans are the same!

It is a lengthy process to make our selvage denim,

but it is well worth it.

We even take the process further by measuring each pair before they go out to you and stamping each pair with a born date so we know when it was made and we keep all this info on file just in case your jeans need maintaince one day.

We make one of the most beautiful AMERICAN MADE jeans you will ever own. and it is


This is why our jeans will last a lifetime. Just as great care is given to make the selvage denim fabric, we use the same care to make your jeans.


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