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#0811 18oz Wax Duck Canvas William Harris Ranch Jacket

#0811 18oz Wax Duck Canvas William Harris Ranch Jacket

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18oz USA

18oz Wax Duck Canvas Nutmeg Brown

William Harris Ranch Jacket


This overall style is inspired by the classic 1953 Type II Jacket. The style shown in the pictures is in our Slim Fit but does come in the Regular Fit also, It's designed to hit right at the waistline for a  compact look. It has one acorn style pocket on the front and a back cinch back.

The images above is a jacket made in 18oz Nutmeg Brown Wax Duck Canvas. This jacket , as an option , has a 12oz duck canvas liner in the inside body and sleeve. Red Thread as a FREE custom option and this jacket does come with the hand warmer pocket as an option.

The refined WAX finish provides an additional layer of protection from rain, moisture and time. Waxed canvas has a long lifespan behaving much like leather in the way it patinas and appears ageless. Waxed canvas requires only minimal care to maintain its appearance and can go years without having to be washed.

We also offer this in the Fieldhand Jacket, Type I, Type III.

Choose either our regular fit, or slim fit. More details available on our fit guide.

When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need (measure an existing pair like this, do not simply go by tag size) and 
compare with detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "FIT GUIDE" link 

If you need more pictures , let us know and we will be glad to send them. Just let us know what kind?



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