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#6500 15oz Kojima Indigo Orange Ticking Selvage

#6500 15oz Kojima Indigo Orange Ticking Selvage

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15oz JPN

15oz Kojima Indigo Orange Ticking Selvage


Okayama Denim remains on top of the best selling Japanese denim of all time. This denim has absolutely the most beautiful fades after being worn over time.

Okayama has a rich history of producing textiles, and Kojima is credited as the birthplace of "Made in Japan" jeans.
This is our favorite denim here at CFDCo. and we get excited when we get a small roll in to make this jean. 
The images above and below are examples of the 15oz JPN Indigo Kojima Selvage made by Kuroki Mills. When raw, the denim is an off shade deep blue/green indigo and wears to the expected blue fades everyone desires. This denim does have a great vertical grain when worn in.

Choose either our 905 Regular fit, 901 Slim fit or 997 Miner fit. More details available on our fit guide.

When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need (measure an existing pair like this, do not simply go by tag size) and
compare with detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "FIT GUIDE" link 

If you need more pictures , let us know and we will be glad to send them. Just let us know what kind?

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