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13.5oz 1968 Cone Mills 1967 Type III Jacket [ Modify/Hand Warmer Pockets ]

13.5oz 1968 Cone Mills 1967 Type III Jacket [ Modify/Hand Warmer Pockets ]

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13.5oz 1968 Cone Mills


This overall style is inspired by the classic Type III Jacket. The style shown in the pictures is in our Type III "MODIFY" Jacket Regular fit but does come in the Slim fit also, It's designed to hit right at the waistline for a  compact look. It has two full double pockets on the front.

The pocket flaps are secured with our custom CFDCo hardware. We feature the selvage edge inside the center front and cuff edges. Two adjustable side tabs on the waist band are secured by custom CFDCo hardware buttons. Taped seams is used on seams, the sleeve seams and armhole are taped inside for extra durability.

The images are a jacket made in one of the Cone Mills Fabric 13.5oz 1968 Indigo red selvage denim. Also pictured is a Type 3 with a custom Wool Horse Liner Blanket, Modify pockets and we added a Sheep's wool collar to this style. These are all option when you order.

Choose either our regular fit, or slim fit. More details available on our fit guide.

When selecting your size, please check actual measurements you need (measure an existing pair like this, do not simply go by tag size) and
compare with detailed measurements for this model by clicking the "FIT GUIDE" link 

If you need more pictures , let us know and we will be glad to send them. Just let us know what kind?


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