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12oz USA Duck Canvas Selvage Khaki " 1960s DEADSTOCK" WORKSHIRT

12oz USA Duck Canvas Selvage Khaki " 1960s DEADSTOCK" WORKSHIRT

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12oz USA 


Graniteville Mills Fabric

12oz Duck Canvas Khaki Selvage WORKSHIRT


ALL HANDMADE , this duck canvas workshirt is not made like others. I used alot of selvage edges, from inside the chest pocket to the back seam...I am just so proud of the fabric and like to show it off...haaaa 

This is a 1960's Deadstock Graniteville Mills Fabric wide selvage duck canvas ALL American made. and I don't have alot of this fabric.

There's a growing consensus that Heavy American fabrics may represent the best value in the Denim Market. Agree or not, this fabric is spot on in the American workwear category for longevity..

The Duck Canvas we use has to be an America Classic. To us that means it is an America staple from the start and ages gracefully. This 12oz has a plain weave and is a very solid fabric and a little heavier than the Mount Vernon 12oz cannonball duck. This fabric is the starting point for all American workwear. It is sanforized, and there will be some stretch and shrinkage, but not as much as a denim weave. The base color is Khaki. It’s truly an America Classic.

As for the fit check out more details available on our fit guide.

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