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OPSTK " IN STORE STOCK " Size S -14oz Sashiko-Indigo Workshirt

OPSTK " IN STORE STOCK " Size S -14oz Sashiko-Indigo Workshirt

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14oz JPN 

14oz Sashiko-Indigo



This "basket-weave" fabric was originally developed in Japan for Kendo uniforms (Keikogi). The true beauty of this fabric is the texture [ waffle pattern ] and has the high points in the pattern to show wear over the years. The result is a contrasting fade like no other fabric. The super dark indigo will lighten with age. This fabric is not like a woven duck workshirt. It has a knit quality to it but has the ease of movement not like denim or duck canvas.

This shirt has alot of crocking [ the transfer of dye from the surface of a dyed fabric onto another surface by rubbing]. Soak-wash (by hand) and hang dry. 


detailed measurements for this model:

 Label Size: S
Actual Chest Size:
22 [44]
CB Length:
Sleeve Length [CB]:


 Model: CFDCo Workshirt
Fabric: 14oz Sashiko-Indigo 
Fit: REG
Custom: NO
Thread Color: NAVY
Buttons: Copper SNAPS
Inside Seam Finish: FLAT FELL SEAM
Custom Add On:

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