DEAD STOCK 13oz Japanese Selvage Denim Western Waistcoat

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13oz JPN


13oz JPN Indigo Red Selvage

Size 38 M



So I had about 1 1/2" yards of this 13oz Japanese selvage in my private collection, and I was influence by the RODEO that goes on here in Texas every year.
I have people call me every year asking we to do denim for them for the Texas Rodeo, and I always turn them down because my production schedule is so LONG...Right?!, i Know!!!..AUGH!!!!
So the first thing was the embroidery, I had to find a 107w102 "IRISH" SINGER  free hand embroidery machine.....yes that is hand..and what a pain in the ass it was to line these up and do these by hand... and the machine cost me a "pretty penny" which i will probably never use again...HAAAAA...  BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE THE OLD SCHOOL WAY!!!
So I used the 13oz JPN denim and combined it with the Mount Vernon Mills duck canvas and lined it with 6oz Japanese chambray.
I used the selvage edge on the pockets to give it a little pop and use TEXAS Veg Tan Leather to reinforce the pockets.
If you need more pictures , let us know and we will be glad to send them. Just let us know what kind?
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Western waistcoat Model#0630 
13oz Japanese Indigo Red Selvage
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Signature Copper Thread
15mm Copper Buttons