Ciano Farmer Denim Co. Crystal Glass

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Crystal DEU

CFDCo Crystal Bourbon Glass

Funny Story

So we have a very special person in our life that has been giving the boys at the shop a hard time about drinking our Texas Bourbon out of our coffee mugs,

She got tired seeing us acting like as if we are at the deer lease during hunting season. So now we are all "uppity" and made these awesome Crystal Bourbon glass for us. 

She made them with our logo etched in the crystal. Nice!

and the glass is not the heavy crystal your GrandMa has in the Crystal cabinet, but thin enough to warm that Texas Bourbon up with your hands on a cold day.

We will be giving these away as a 'Gift with Purchase" for those who place $250USD or more [ just one glass ].


You can purchase them now for $27USD

Texas Bourbon does taste better without the coffee grinds in it...