VINTAGE 1970's "Public SAF T-OIL Service " Patch - 14oz TEXAS Denim Snapback HAT Blank

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14oz TEXAS

VINTAGE 1970's "Public SAF T-OIL Service" Patch

14oz TEXAS Denim Snapback HAT Blank


This a "ONE UP" Hat.

We are finding and sewn on these one up "VINTAGE" patches we find in our local Vintage shops right here in TEXAS.

This hat comes with an Actual 1970's VINTAGE  Public SAF T-OIL Service hat patch which we sewn on with our vintage Singer 153W

One of the most popular style in hats and we made this one in a 14oz TEXAS denim, and it is made right here in TEXAS with TEXAS denim.

Made in the GREAT STATE OF TEXAS, we added our signature logo with an embroidery on the side. Each hat has our signature copper thread . The hat is made in TEXAS.


the Cap Circumference is +/-24” max with the snap back tab with two pegs attached

and the Crown Depth is +/-5”